Local cuisine, global appeal

Traditional Swiss recipes revisited by Mövenpick to entice the modern palate, marrying tradition with culinary innovation. Savour these classic dishes, always cooked to perfection, in our restaurants worldwide.

Zürich-style veal

Succulent veal in a mouth-watering cream and mushroom sauce, served with a traditional crispy rösti, a quintessential Swiss dish popular at Mövenpick restaurants the world over.

Riz Casimir

Curry and tropical fruit flavours suggest an exotic origin, yet Riz Casimir was invented in the Mövenpick kitchen by our founder, the legendary Ueli Prager. It’s been served in our restaurants since 1952!

Beef steak tartare

One of Mövenpick’s greatest culinary successes, perfected by our chefs over time, steak tartare is true classic, not only in Switzerland, but worldwide.

Swiss Carrot Cake

A modern take on the traditional Swiss ‘Rüebli Chueche’, our contemporary gluten-free carrot cake is light to bite, but big on flavour and topped with a smooth and velvety cream cheese glace.